Help Haiti

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan28th Jan 10


During this short period of time since the tragedy happened, many projects and donations have already started up from the design world. We the Designers, Illustrators, Creatives, Artists, do what we do best; we offer up our skills, and do whatever we can for the people involved in the Haiti earthquake.

Tomorrow we here at Thunder Chunky are going to be launching our own project to help raise some money for the cause, but in the mean time we’ve rounded up a few projects which are currently running, raising money to Help Haiti. We hope that you can show your support by visiting these sites, and spend some money if you haven’t donated already.

#1: The Sea Rug


“..The carpet I designed for The See last year is up for auction, the money it makes will go to charity. Auction ends January 30th..”

#2: Cloudy Collections


“..For the remainder of the month of January each Cloudy Collection print set purchase (Ed. 3/Ed.4) will result in a $5 donation to the Red Cross’s Haiti relief effort. Additionally, each subscription purchased will send $25 to the Red Cross..”
– Cloudy Collection – Edition 4 Edition 3

#3: Art Auction


“..We are asking our friends, fellow artists/illustrators/creatives, designers and musicians if they can donate a piece of their artwork, or anything else, to be auctioned..”
– Inkygoodness – Art Auction

#4: Poster Cause Project


“..To support in the relief efforts, ALL 100% OF PROFITS from these print will be donated to Doctors Without Borders..”
Poster Cause Project

#5: Mr Bingo


“..Over the 4 days the total raised came to £2,485..”
Mr Bingo

We would love to add more projects to this list, to have a place for people to view them all easily. If you want to send us a link to a project you are running, or one you have seen recently, please fire over an email to us. Alternatively, you can easily post a link below in the comments section.