Ilustra Orange

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan2nd Oct 09


A nice little gem dropped in to my inbox recently (unfortunately it was during my holiday, therefore it is a bit late, I’m so sorry man), it’s Artransmitte’s launch of their very first T-shirt, Ilustra Orange. Designed by Ilustralando, the first to kick off the artist collection of T-shirts, involving a whole host of worldwide, up and coming creatives. There has been a load of effort put in to the whole package, which includes a beautiful box, and a set of badges.

Please purchase: Ilustra Orange and support this nice art and design store.

“…Ilustralando used his own Ilustra character while paying respect to Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange. So whether you want to make your own critique on society, are an extreme film fan, or you just need a different Halloween costume.. then this is the shirt for you….”