Life in 2050 Exhibition | Competition

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan17th Feb 10


40 years ago man took his first small steps on the moon, and the internet was born. What wonders and technologies will grace the world in another 40 years time? The exhibition Life in 2050 will explore the minds of several talented creatives, and show you their imaginations of the world in pretty pictures.

“..Life on Mars, flying cars, alien integration and robots performing mundane household chores ought to be commonplace by 2010. But it hasn’t worked out the way it was predicted..” – Life in 2050

The exhibition is created by design studio, Transmission, for the up coming Sci-Fi London festive during April – May, at the exciting new Chapter1Gallery.

Not only have they picked out some of the most exciting creatives for the exhibition, Transmission are looking for 1 more amazing talent to add to their line up. You don’t have to be a psychic or a time traveler to see glimpses of the future. Just use that creative side of the brain, and maybe you’ll be a part of this epic exhibition too. Visit Life in 2050 for more information. Deadline 1st March.