Lily The Littlest Cannibal from Tado

Lily The Littlest Cannibal

Jon Raffe Posted by Jon Raffe10th Oct 08

Lily The Littlest Cannibal from Tado

Hot on the heels from their MLP project, Tado are back in style with a new character, Lily The Littlest Cannibal! The illustrating duo created the character for a special exhibition at Magic Pony in Canada and as part of an exclusive range of new vinyl toys called Cannibal Funfair.

“Ready to tear you limb from limb at Lily’s command, these covetable cannibals beg the question, Can’t we all be monsters?”

There’s a load of photos of the exhibition, the opening event and also the Funfair toys on the Lily microsite. If only we lived in Canada!