Lounge Kat interviews Nathan Jurevicius | Renmotion | Touchmypixel

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan19th Jun 09

Stunning vector illustrator Lounge Kat recently interviewed one of Thunder Chunky’s favourites, another eyepopping-ly superb illustrator Nathan Jurevicius, plus Animators Renmotion and programmers Touchmypixel on their grand collaboration, the Scary Girl Game.

Lounge Kat goes in depth, getting all the details from all the people involve on the Scary Girl Game, which give a interesting insight in to the whole process of building such a game. We are all blown away by Nathan Jurevicius’ illustration, but we should also give applause to the animators and programmers, who always gets forgotten about.

The Interview can be read over at Vector Tuts, where many more interviews on other groundbreaking illustrators can be read, plus a whole collection of tutorials, provided by those groundbreaking illustrators featured. Just a few hours on that site and you’ll become a vector master in no time.

If you want to know more about Nathan Jurevicius’, please read ‘our’ posts about the Scary Girl Game | Our interview with him about his MTV Fauna Vinyl Toys | and the Thunder Chunky Interview we did with him back in 2005.

Enjoy !!