McFaul artworkJohn McFaul and his busMcFaul walkway

McFAUL brighten up LIVERPOOL

Jon Raffe Posted by Jon Raffe9th Jan 08

McFaul artwork

John McFaul was on hand at Liverpool John Lennon Airport today to unveil a project which has been 9 months in the making for him and his crack team of designers. John had kindly invited us here at TC along to the bash, since we’re still based in his old neck of the woods, and we were more than happy to take him up on his offer.

We were expecting a few billboards, maybe a bit of motion graphics, but what we encountered instead was almost a total re-styling of a large proportion of the airport building. So as passengers wobble off their flights they’ll be treated to a ride on one of six different coloured buses, wrapped in McFaul graphics. During our quick excursion on one of the said vehicles, we passed a queue of unsuspecting holiday-makers… content in the knowledge that we weren’t in their queue, and we were on a damn-cool looking bus!

John McFaul and his bus

John McFaul preaching to the crowds… and his bus

That was but the tip of the iceberg though. After getting off their bus, passengers will walk past a custom made video wall with further McFaul graphics before encountering the main attraction… a 300m long glazed walkway featured one continuous piece of McFaul artwork. That’s a bloody long image! Hats off to the guys as well, because it’s an amazing feat, both artistically and technically. And it should definitely entertain the masses as they’re stood in their queue, wondering who all the random people with visitor passes are.

McFaul walkway

The beast itself… the giant walkway

The only thing missing… a McFaul stamp for my passport. Maybe you only get that if you’re a frequent flyer!

McFaul are a UK design company who are making their mark the world over with clients such as Virgin Atlantic, Orange and Nike. Check out their site to see more of their work and get their latest news.