Meet the Renmen postcard artists: pt 1

Mike Ng Posted by Mike Ng9th Aug 10


When we asked for contributors to the Renmen Project we never thought we’d have such an overwhelming response. So much so, we brought together some of the best artists and illustrators for our latest release – the official Renmen Project Postcard Set! In preparation for the release (this Thursday), we caught up with the folks in question for a quick word about their contributions.

Gemma Correll


“I wanted to capture the idea of “Renmen” – or love – in a cheerful and fun way and what says cheerful and fun more than a cat playing a banjo with some kind of rodent creature on his head (playing the flute?) Nothing I know of anyway.”

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Jonny Wan


“My illustration for the renmen project really focuses on the use of a variety of bright and exotic colours found in Haitian art. It was a great piece to work on creatively as I am so used to working with a monochrome colour palette. The piece features a central figure and also the Hispaniolan Trogon which is the national bird of Haiti. I included the words “one love” within my illustration to really signify what the renmen project is all about, uniting people from all over to pay there respects and help out one cause for the good.”

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Kit Lane


“On a personal note Haiti and the Haitian people hold a dear place in my heart as Port-au-Prince was my home for quite some time. After the earthquake I learned that nearly every one I knew there; in-laws, neighbours, friends and colleagues on my little rubbled street were either dead or missing.

Before the quake happened I couldn’t begin to describe the heartache I had for the Haitian children and the desperate parents who would do anything if they could to keep them fed and clothed, most living without electricity, potable water or any of the things we here in the USA take so much for granted. But after the quake I fear there is not a word for the sort of desperation and horror they must live through every day just trying to survive.

I’m poor as a church mouse myself but when I heard there was a way I could help just a little bit more, I was so heartened by the opportunity. With the theme being “Renmen”, I searched my creatures for a face most child-like, innocent and loving that I could find to add to the post card collection. My hope that it might inspire someone to love Haiti’s little children just a little bit more.”

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Simon Wild


“When John Lennon said ‘All you need is love’ he wrote it out of a fascination with the power of slogans to unite people. The classic Beatles song to me is one of the most simple, timeless, embracing & hopeful messages ever to be put to music and it is impossible to be misinterpreted. This was my inspiration in designing my postcard.

‘There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done’.”

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Aaron Miller


“There is nothing tastier than a cold ice cream on a hot day. Unfortunately a cheeky little bird has tried to sneak in and have a taste of his favourite flavour, strawberry. He’s ended up being covered with a whirl of mint choc chip, a wafer stick and a cherry. Naughty bird!”

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So that’s part 1 of our ‘meet the artists’ feature… we’ll be back with the 5 other artists tomorrow! In the meantime, keep tabs on The Renmen Project over on the Renmen blog.