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Ms. Lissy Marlin’s perfect worlds

Ste Johnson Posted by Ste Johnson15th Aug 14


I love the worlds Ms. Lissy Marlin produces when she puts pen to paper, mouse point to screen, brush stroke to layer. They’re perfect – every bit the foreground is a gorgeously realised scene with nuances and textures to soak up and admire and when you’re done with that, the beautifully supporting backgrounds drop that jaw just a wee bit more.

So colour rich and producing both sides of the mouth to do there utmost to reach your eyebrows. It’s a visual feast you’re sure to gorge and not feel one bit of guilt and never too full for another slice. Marvellous work Ms. Marlin.

butterfly wingsmall

Canola field8x16-fixedsmall2

LissyMarlin_amsterdam sketch

LissyMarlin_boy and girl_garden

LissyMarlin_boy and girl_memory library

LissyMarlin_monkey king

LissyMarlin_robin hood