MUGO = (MUsic on the.GO)

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan8th Oct 09


We here at Thunder Chunky are big fans of Vinyl toys, even with our limited incomes and disapproving girlfriends. We have been waiting patiently for an MP3 X Vinyl toy crossover ever since learning about the increasingly popular rise of the mimobots. And now that day has come, the emergence of MUGO (cue* holy light, and epic wave crashing soundbite). These lovely new musical creatures are so amazing, I feel their potential will be no less than that of the mimobots. They’re MP3 Players, they’re Flash Drives, they’re Vinyl Toys, they’re being shipped towards the Thunder Chunky HQ as we speak.

Creatives’ involved include fellow Blood Sweat Vector artists, YUP and Tougui, recently featured paper guru Shin Tanaka, plus awesome illustrators Pulco Mayo and Julie West.

“…Mugo are a shy race of creatures. They are highly individualized ‚Äì sometimes timid and resourceful, sometimes mischievous, but always on the cutting edge. Mugo are born with a natural gift for music, art and culture. They store knowledge. They inspire. You may not know it, but Mugo have been here all along, living in the background of your pictures, riding the wavelengths of your favorite songs. Until recently they felt too awkward to allow themselves to be seen, but they have grown more comfortable with themselves, and so they are coming out of the shadows and into your heart…”