Patterns for Colouring

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan26th Aug 10


We all used to love colouring in when we were kids. Most of us still do, but we just don’t do it as much as we used to. So, here’s your excuse to break open a box of crayolas’ and turning everything rainbow coloured. Patterns for Colouring is the splendid idea of one Carlton Hibbert. Established for around 1 year, with a collection of 178 patterns and continuously growing.

(featured above: Uberkraaft | Stephen Chan | Anjo Bolarda)

“..Here’s a site for all those who love to colour in patterns and is packed full of free colouring pages. There are designs for all ages. All you need to do is choose the pattern you like best, download it, print it out and get colouring. It’s easy and great fun – perfect for people who like to doodle but don’t know what to doodle…” – Patterns for Colouring

It’s fun colouring other people’s patterns, but what will it be like to have one of your own creations being coloured in by hundreds of children? Are you an artist? Want to be involved in this grand project? Take a quick look over at the submissions page for guidelines.