Pete Fowler x PostLiving = The Owlers

Jon Raffe Posted by Jon Raffe18th Apr 12

Pete Fowler loves his owls… we love owls too, who doesn’t?! And now some of Pete’s half owl-half human illustrations are being made in to furniture and wall art by the folks at PostLiving. The items come in a set of 3 limited edition pieces… 1 which is a bespoke handmade side-table and 2 pieces of wall art.

What’s really interesting is that Pete created these characters on his iPad (using Brushes)… a sure sign that we’re definitely in the 21st Century now. Hopefully robot owls are just round the corner now!

So what are you waiting for? Help give the Owlers a home by hopping over to the PostLiving site. Apparently the ace coasters might well be available to buy soon too! There’s also artwork available from a range of other artists, including the ever-awesome J3 Concepts.