Picture Book Report

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan9th Feb 10


The Picture Book Report is a brand new illustration project dreamed up by the super talented painter/doodler, Meg Hunt.

“..Picture Book Report is an extended love-song to books. Fifteen illustrators will reach out to their favorite books and create wonderful pieces of art in response to the text that has moved them, shaped them, or excited them. From sci-fi to children’s books to fantasy to serious novels, we’ll cover them all..” – Meg Hunt

So, at the beginning of each month 15 new illustrations will be released, one after the other starting with the covers. The story has started this month with Meg Hunt’s ‘Alice in Wonderland, and Will Bryant’s ‘Peter Pan & Wendy’. It’s quite exciting waiting for the next picture to come out each day, and seeing how each artist depicts their favourite book. With so much to see, and new illustrations from such wonderful artists nearly everyday, it’s a project to be bookmarked right away.

Contributors: Meg Hunt, Will Bryant, Sam Bosma, Julia Sonmi Heglund, John Martz, Andrea Kalfas, Lizzy Stewart, S.britt, Daniel Krall, PMurphy, Israel Sanchez, Jeremy Sorese, Laura Park, Phil McAndrew, Kali Ciesemier