‘Playtimes’ almost over | Inkygoodness Exhibition

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan10th Sep 10


With over 1000 people attending the Opening Night, and hundreds more visiting each day, I think it’s safe to say that the whole of London’s art / design loving population has seen the awe inspiring Inkygoodness ‘Play’ Exhibition. What? You haven’t? Where have you been? There’s only this weekend left and then this Epic show will be taken down (but forever imprinted in to those that have seen with their own eyes).

If you’re one of those ‘unlucky ones’ that have yet to make it down to the show, then hopefully this little post will be the motivation you need.

“..Entertaining new artwork, limited edition prints and lively installations all lovingly created by a specially selected group of international artists and illustrators, inspired by the theme of ‘Play’…” – Inkygoodness

Venue: EAST Gallery, 216 Brick Lane, London
The Exhibition will run until September 12th 2010
Open: Friday 1pm – 7pm,
Saturday & Sunday 11am – 6pm

As you enter the gallery a super massive, naked rock n roll McBess guitar chick will be welcoming you in, like a musical black and white succubus (featured above is the video (by Dave Bain) of McBess working his magic (yes, he does draw that fast).


So, what takes your fancy? Clean, crisp vector artwork? Hand-drawn and detailed illustrations? Large colourful painted canvas’? Paper-cut collages? 3D sculptures? Pixels and video games? T-shirts and skate deck street art? Go on, name it, it’ll be there, and more. With a whole host of diverse style, fun characters, melancholic robots and wheelchair romances, etc. Whatever you like, you love, you will not be disappointed by this exhibition. I know art / design is hard to describe as different people prefer different things, so just go see for yourself.

Below is a selection, a slight taster (but of course they look much better in real life) of the work that fills every nook and cranny of the East Gallery’s interior.


(All photos featured were taken by myself and by fellow ‘Play’ artist Toy Factory. A huge library of 100+ Inkygoodness Exhibition Photos is viewable at the click of a button.)

‘Playtimes’ almost over, join in the fun this weekend, or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. (*this article might be slightly biased, due to featuring personally, and much love after meeting each artist. Yet, don’t get me wrong, the work is still out of this world, and knowing the artists, their emotions, intentions, personalities, only adds to the understanding and appreciation of each piece.)

Participating Artists:Steph Baxter/Dave Bain/Good Wives & Warriors/ Jason Devine/Seb Burnett/Camelia Dobrin/Colourbox/ Hannah Baber/Docvek/Marcus Butt/Stephen Chan/DBO/Sarah Dennis/Christiane Engel/Lisa Hassell/Kate Hindley/ Mister Millerchip/Carlos Garde-Martin/Mc Bess/Simon David Mills/George Mitchell/Moot/Olive47/Tom J. Newell/Sarah Abbott/Vicky Newman/Steve Rack/Steven Silverwood/Log Roper/Juan Salas/Matt Saunders/Leila Shetty/Karin Söderquist/Ben Steers/Michelle Turton/ Toy Factory/Simon Wild/ Mark Wilkinson & Gizem Vural.

Addition: In collaboration with Inkygoodness, the increasingly popular AMMO Magazine releases their ‘PLAY’ themed issue 4, which works perfectly, as it’s also the 4th Inkygoodness exhibition to date :) great coincidences (I think not).

“..We’ve teamed up with the girls at Inkygoodness and given the magazine a ‘Play’ theme. This is to tie in with their exhibition in London where the magazine was officially launched..” – AMMO Magazine