Reminiscing about ELCAF 2014

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan19th Jun 14


So, it has taken me a while to calm down from the ELCAF madness that happened a few days earlier. I’m sitting here, surrounded by business cards and zines reminiscing about all the beautiful beautiful work, and the equally beautiful people. As a fellow exhibitor (with Brothers of the Stripe) I can say that it has been a real joy to be part of such a grand event.



“…ELCAF 2014, the third edition of the East London Comics and Arts Festival will again aim to showcase the plethora of youthful talent in the comics and graphic art scene in London and the UK and also to bring something fresh to our locals by drawing talent from abroad to take part in the event, inviting exciting new collectives and publishers from Europe and the wider world…” – NoBrow


We were in good company with neighbors and fellow ‘Pick Me Up’ Alumni, Day Job. The lovely print maker Stish, and everyones favourite creative couple Jonathan Edwards & Felt Mistress to our left.




The first thing that caught my eye, was the fun and quirky screenprinter / book maker, Otto Graphics, wearing his book jacket, jacket. After that, a long crowded row of small publishers and printer makers, surrounded by a mass of curious creative consumers were in front of me. Firstly, a shout out to Hato Press, who printed Brothers of the Stripe’s Viking Zine. And as I fought through the waves of people, I got to have a quick chat with Alex Brady, Iro Tsavala, Charline Giquel, Mireille Fauchon and Opposite the Alley.







Ending that row with my favourite comic & zine maker – the ever so charming Kristyna Baczynski (whose work quickly sold out, unfortunately for some of us slow pokes).


Around the corner, the legends of the illustration world Chris Ware & Seth were just casually signing books and chatting to fans.


As I turned the corner again, I encountered the magical world of Lesley Barnes and
Theresa Rowe. Their table had a life of it’s own, their colours and their characters has such a playful energy.



The 2nd trip around the festival brought us to another creative couple, the super popular Jack Teagle & Donya Todd. I immediately picked up a few of their zines, including the awesome ‘Turtle Fighters’ zine (a bootleg version of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ but better). Next to them, close friends of Jacks, and now my favourite new people, Benjamin Wright & Isaac Lenkiewicz, who also made bootleg ‘Turtle Fighters’ comic and badges. They collaborated on alternating panels of the ‘Turtle Fighters’ zine, creating spontaneous and clever stories.

I also picked up a lovely zine by Emma Raby. The sea flows with her watercolours, and there’s lovely black and white tones from her pencil skills.




Another ‘Pick Me Up’ Alumni, Hero of Switzerland, were a few tables down, manned by Charlie Mellors, Esme Tearle and Becky Liddiard. I picked up the lovely Becky’s ‘Hot Dogs in Space’ comic, about a Hot dog in space, eating his own ass. It’s pretty sick, (in the good and the bad sense) which I highly recommend.

Last, (but not least) I found Jon Boam, (another personal favourite) whose humour and detailed characters are hard to beat. Thanks for the awesome ‘Star Wars Bounty Hunter’ print.



It’s a real shame that ELCAF is only on for one day. There’s so much creative genius per square foot. I think I only saw about 1/3 of the whole event, and that was already very rushed. It’s also a shame that I didn’t have any time to go listen to amazing artists, Mattias Adolfsson, or Adventure Time storyboard artist, Jesse Moynihan’s talks.