Repeat X Repeat Y

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan21st Apr 10


It all started with a simple idea and a rough little sketch back in March 2009. A year later and that simple idea and rough sketch has become a living and breathing creature, boasting over 130+ patterns and expanding and growing at exponential rates, this is Repeat X Repeat Y.

(featured above: Ben the illustrator | Dominic Le-Hair | Stephen Chan)

“..We are big fans of repeating patterns and feel they should get the recognition they truly deserve, thus Repeat-x Repeat-y is born. The aim of the site is to showcase the best repeating patterns from around the world, and make them freely available (for non-commercial use).

Already the site has over 100 patterns from amazing illustrators, artists & designers, such as Matt Lyons, Ben the illustrator, Aimee Wilder, Matt Booth, Jonny Wan, Stephen Chan, Jen Collins, the boy fitz hammond, Jeffery Bowman, Gregg Abbott and many more.

We want the site to keep on growing, to attract even more talent and more awesome patterns..” – Repeat X Repeat Y

Want to be involved in this grand project? The site is open to submissions, send your 200x200px .jpg .gif .png. bmp to the Repeat X Repeat Y guys for considerations.

(below: Matt Lyons (aka C86) | Twisted Fork | Jonny Wan | Katari | Akaelph)