Speakerdog series 5Speakerdog series 5

SPEAKERDOG Series 5 Now Available

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan10th Mar 08

Speakerdog series 5

Series 5 of the ever so popular Speakerdog Papertoys has been released to the world recently. It is the largest collection of Speakerdogs to date, boasting an impressive array of 48 illustrators/designers, with 50 designs this time round. After the first 4 series, designers have seen the potential to modify the existing template further, creating more innovative and fantastical creatures of paper architecture.

If you are not already familiar with these lovely little D.I.Y. homemade, desktop buddies, let us give you a brief introduction. Designers and illustrators the world around have been asked to customise their own Speakerdog, initially just covering the basic net with their beautiful artwork, but this has progressed further customising the actual nets as well.

As we couldn’t possibly include all 50 Papertoy designs, here are just some of the Thunder Chunky favourites:

Speakerdog series 5

Work shown by Stephen Chan, Jake Vantiger, Eyeformation and Phil Toys

You can own all of these designs (including ones from series 1 to 4) by downloading the PDFs from the Speakerdog website. You can then print off the A4 net, sharpen your scalpels, cut them out, glue them together, and Hey Presto! You have a piece of artwork sitting beautifully on your desk for the price of 2 sheets of A4 and a little ink. Go build your Speakerdog army now. Mind those fingers people!

There is more exciting news for the inhabitants of Tokyo, Japan, during March 17 – 23, with a Speakerdog Papertoys; The Greatest Hits! exhibition, (the best from series 1 – 5) hosted at Cafe Pause. If you’re in the area, be sure to check them out, over a nice hot cup of coffee (and feel free to send us any pics).

For more info go to the Speakerdog website. And in case you didn’t notice, TC’s very own Stephen Chan contributed to the Series 5 collection.

Series 5 contributors: Adam Bing, Anca Sangadji / Malona Huai, Ben the Illustrator, Carlydraws, Char Art, Chris Martin, Ciah Ciah, Claudio Limon, Dave Alexander from Fivegalloncan, Dave Beazley, Dendoo, Diego Moises Montes aka Zinkete, Django, Doktor A, Dubon, +EF+ of Eyeformation, Emory Allen, Filius, Fubear, Gabriel ‘Galvo’ Bautista Jnr, Gabrielle Nowicki, Garry Milne, Hellofreaks, Jake Vantiger, James Marr, Jared J3Concepts, Jennifer Grimyser, Jinjerup, Junkyard Sam, Martin Bochicchio, Matthew ‘Thewl’ Laznicka, Mauro Gatti, Neemau, NiceBunny, Peter Dragontail, Phil Toys, Sam Wilkin, Simon Wild, Sneaky Raccoon, Stephen Chan, Tadan, Tim Robot, Travis Price, Triclops Studio Limited, Udo, VectorBrigade, Victor Melendez and ZUU!