Steve Rack’s ‘Toe Fluff’

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan26th Apr 10


Ok, I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to see an exhibition which revolves around this inspiring theme. So I was super excited when I heard the news that Steve Rack will be displaying his Toe Fluff to the world, but that’s not all, he also invited his friends to display their toe fluff too. Sounds good, right? I never imagined that there can be so many different types, different shapes and sizes, seriously beautiful stuff. And, of course I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to reveal my own fluff, but that will take some time to prepare.

(image above: Bubi Au Yeung)

“..The Toe Fluff exhibition explores Steve Rack’s Toe Fluff toy character concept. Steve has invited his friends, and fellow artists to collaborate by imagining what their Toe Fluff might look like. The Toe Fluff exhibition is set to be a true feast for the eyes with art from around the world by well known artists, aspiring artists, young artists and anyone else who fancies joining in!..” – Toe Fluff

The project is open to submissions, download the template at Toe Fluff and submit your very own toe fluff.

(below: Raveland Robotics | Dean Zappy)