Super7 | International Toy Pirates

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan14th Jul 09


Shortly after discovering Brandi Milne’s ‘So Good For Little Bunnies’, I thought my good luck can’t get better than this, but that day was a lucky day, a very lucky day indeed. A golden light suddenly appeared out of nowhere, glimmering in the corner of my eyes. I reached out and picked up this shiny object, and gasped, it was the Super7 ‘International Toy Pirates Book’.

Firstly, that gold foil stamped Slip Case is just too beautiful, and the price, ¬£12 (originally ¬£25), Its was opened from its plastic wrap and the edges were slightly scratched, but other than that, in perfect condition. No thought was needed after that, it felt like it was my birthday. The layout, photography, and collection is perfect, unrivaled in its detail and content. It’s my new favourite book (or mook, as they call it) and very very hard to put down.

“The term “mook” has long been used to describe printed material that is neither a book, nor a magazine, but the ultimate fusion of the two. Super 7 has elevated this form to the highest possible pinnacle with the new redesign of their magazine. Elegant to the extreme in a slip cased black and gold Flexi-bound, this beautifully designed and immaculately photographed title is a museum quality “catalogue” for collectors, aficionados or self proclaimed “toy geeks”. Super 7 ‚Äì International Toy Pirates takes you on a nostalgic journey to the endless days of youth and summers spent watching Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan battle for world supremacy.

Click through for more content (my photographs does not do this book justice) and purchase your own at YouWorkForThem.

“With long form photo essays on the original Marusan and Bullmark Toho (Godzilla) series figures from 1966-1974, Nakajima’s highly influential yet obscure Astro-Mu Five, the founder of the fight figure format, Tokyo’s Secret Base, and fan favorite RealxHead, as well as collector spotlights, interviews with Neighborhood’s Shinsuke Takizawa, artwork from classic packaging and header cards, as well as articles, checklists, interviews and in-depth analysis of the toy scene as a whole, no one covers toys quite like Super7. Super7 the Book sets the bar for all other toy books to live up to… if they can. “


Super7 | Inside spreads