Sydney Opera House GRAPHIC

Sydney Opera House GRAPHIC Animation Competition

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan3rd Aug 11

Sydney Opera House GRAPHIC

‘…Welcome to Sydney Opera House GRAPHIC Animation Competition, a worldwide online animation competition designed to celebrate the innovation creativity and imagination behind the art form…”

Thunder Chunky have been enjoying some fresh new animations this lunch time, in the form of the ‘Sydney Opera House GRAPHIC Animation Competition’. We really loved the idea of splitting the competition in to three rounds, each round adding a ‘keyword’ which influences the progression of the story.

The featured short above is called Run Amok – by Okayboss and ZZZ Collective (which is one of our favourites). We can see how the animators tackle the first two rounds with the overall theme being ‘Escape’ -round two ‘keyword’ being ‘card’.

Which story do ‘you’ want to see finished? If it was up to us we’d like them all completed, whoever the winner is…..we’re greedy for creative treats :) To vote, simply go to ‘SOH Competition’, click VOTE, select the animation you like and give it a thumbs up. Voting ends on Aug 4, 5:00 AEST -the top 5 advancing to Round three.