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Jon Raffe Posted by Jon Raffe11th Feb 05

Tado Orgasmic

We were invited to participate in January’s edition of the Orgasmik Design Project (www.orgasmikdesign.com) back in November 04. The theme for the project was ‘Propaganda’ which seemed pretty daunting at the time!

After much head scratching we decided that we didn’t have any extremist views on anything in particular, so instead we settled on a campaign to make the world a happier place. Our slogan was ‘SMILE HAPPY – LIVE LONG!!’ and the plan was simple. We would promote a simple way of making people happy by giving away free friends over the internet! The plot was that with our help, even the most lonesome soul could find the happiness of true friendship and also amuse themselves for half an hour or so…

Tado Orgasmic Screens

Screenshots from TADO’s Orgasmic video

Once we had designed our friends in Illustrator to be as wholesome and wonderful as was possible, we needed a means of publicising our campaign. We decided a commercial was the ideal route and knocked one together with flash and a bit of twiddling in Quicktime. After much time spent trundleling the interweb we settled on a manically happy soundtrack which we later discovered is a cover of Kirby’s Dreamland on the Game Boy.

You can see all the bits online at www.orgasmikdesign.com and even download a friend as well if you are a lonesome cowboy.


Find out more about the Orgasmik Design Project by going to www.orgasmikdesign.com and you can check out more of Tado’s work by visiting their brilliantly mental site at www.tado.co.uk.