Tall Tales Part 3 Animation by Kilogramme Animation

Ste Johnson Posted by Ste Johnson2nd Jul 15


Kilogramme, an animation company in Manchester have produced 2 self funded films called Tall Tales – animations about fantastical answers to kid’s questions. They’re now looking to use Kickstarter to help fund the third Tall Tales – yet to be their biggest and best tale yet, with witches, shipwrecks, krakens, murder, terror and revulsion!

To celebrate the launch of the Kickstarter, Kilogramme have also arranged an exhibition of work displaying various artists illustrations which are inspired by the two existing films or the upcoming tall tales 3. The exhibition is on Wednesday 08/07/2015 at Twenty Twenty Two bar in Manchester form 6pm until late. It’s a great opportunity to see some wonderful illustrators fan art work and screenings from Kilogramme.


You can learn more about the Kickstarter and lend your support here.