TC Hijacked | by Stephen Chan | pt2 “T-SHIRT”

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan28th Aug 09


Part Two: Continuing from today’s TC Hijack Part One is the launch of my super strange RIPT apparel T-shirt named “Viking Shark Robot Moustache”. About this Shirt::

“The idea behind this crazy shirt, is the same idea as the conception of the RIPT site. The idea that, something you put up fresh and new one day will be covered, lost, gone and made old by newer creations the next day. The graphics on the shirt is made up of flyers and stickers covering each other up, but in the end its created something more interesting, like how old artists will influence new artists in the future…”

The T-shirt is only available for 24 hours, so please support and Buy Here!!!! (available in a few hours time). I do greatly appreciate the support and hope you like the design, and please do send us photos of yourselves wearing it (that would be the perfect birthday gift for me).