TC Xmas Selection Box (No. 4)

Jon Raffe Posted by Jon Raffe18th Dec 08

We’re down to our second-to-last box now and there’s only one more day left for you to get your name in the hit to win one of the boxes, so don’t miss out!

First up in this box is good ol’ Graphic Airlines again with a GA cap, tee and set of mini figures. We have to say a big thanks to those guys because they sent a treasure trove of cool stuff from Hong Kong, which is why they feature in almost every box! Then our very own Stephen Chan has put in a signed Don’t Panic poster, some postcards and stickers. Project Detonate sent in an ace tee and badge combo. A crayola coloured parcel arrived from Aaron Miller containing a framed pic, see-through business cards and a badge set. Kenn Munk returns as well with a super-awesome heavyweight toy, with detatchable head! Yupyland added in a signed print and very cute postcard set. And finally, Insolent Candy Floss donated some really neat postcards, and stickers.

So you know the score now, just sign up over at…

The TC xmas project 2008 micro-site!!!!

And we’ve got a surprise extra box today with some VERY cool stuff in, so check back later on!