TC Xmas Selection Box (No. 5)

Jon Raffe Posted by Jon Raffe18th Dec 08

Our last, final, end of the line box has been added to the Xmas Selection Box page and it’s one which I think everyone will want to get their hands on!

Raw Design have very kindly donated one of their festive Christmas By Colour poster & wrapping paper combos. The almighty TADO have sent in one of their uber-cool Cannibal Funfair vinyls (doodled on to boot!) as well as a mushroom vinyl and loads of stickers! We’ve thrown in a Burgerman Snot Zombie tee and Print Project card set, and some badges. Al Heighton chipped in with a few postcards and a xmas card. There’s a hand-printed Peskimo card and stickers. There’s another of Kenn Munk‘s paper toy templates. Ben The Illustrator was super-generous and has sent a second full set of World Lovin prints, signed and numbered! And a hand-drawn Speakerdog! And finally, Insolent Candy Floss donated another postcard and sticker set.

So, it’s your last chance now to sign up over at….

The TC xmas project 2008 micro-site!!!!