The big TC documentary post!

Jon Raffe Posted by Jon Raffe30th Nov 11

Inspiration is an interesting area for any creative, here on Thunder Chunky we always aim to bring inspirational work to the fore, but sometimes you have to invest some of yourself in order to absorb the inspiration. TC would never ask you to invest anything financially in the name of inspiration, but here we’re asking you to invest some of your time, to take a break from everything, pack up your work, sit back and enjoy learning about the creativity of others, absorb their inspiration! It’s the Thunder Chunky guide to the internet’s most inspirational creative documentaries!

Feature length films…


Packed with interviews and inspiration, this feature, from David Dworsky and Victor Köhler, looks into the huge wave of creativity and talent over the last ten years that has been unleashed by the digital revolution.

Official Website – (free download of film)

Just For Kicks

A must for sneaker freaks! Feature length film about the phenomena that is sneaker culture, includes a lot of brilliant interviews from those that were there throughout! You can watch the entire film over on Google Video.

Official website –

Short films…

Influencers – How Trends And Creativity Became Contagious

Influencers is a fantastic insight into the work and minds of New York’s influential creatives in advertising, design, fashion and entertainment.

Secret Of Marimekko

Marimekko is a colourful look at the history and working process of one of the world’s most exciting product and pattern design studios.

The Sartorialist – Intel Visual Life

The Sartorialist is an insight into the life of street-fashion-photographer Scott Schumann (aka The Sartorialist) and how the internet enables him to do what he does!

The Partners – Computer Arts present Studio Life

A tidy and fairly short doc looking into the work and working life of top design agency The Partners.

Nick Hand’s Soundslides

Soundslides are short documentary films that are inspired by an artisan – someone who has a passion for making or doing something.

DIY America Series by Wieden + Kennedy Entertainment

Check out the whole WKE library, but this doc is especially great looking into the hybrid of creativity and skateboarding, including a lot of iconic artists, filmmakers, musicians and skateboarders. (Thanks to @thingsfromhere for the recommendation).

Know any more interesting documentaries? Post them in the comments for us all to enjoy!