The Gross Uncle

Jon Raffe Posted by Jon Raffe30th Sep 09


Today I stumbled upon a real treat. Well, more accurately, a treat stumbled its’ way to me. I received an email from an illustrator & cartoonist called Grant Gilliland. He said some nice words about our site, but more importantly, when I went to visit his site I loved what I found!

Based out of Boston, USA and going under the name of The Gross Uncle, Grant’s done a stack of really great work covering children’s book illiustration, customs and editorial stuff. And you can even get your hands on very reasonably priced hand-drawn original drawings and hand-customised trainers on request!!!

So if you have five spare minutes today then we can’t recommend enough a visit to Grant’s blog to see his drawings, a trip to Hand Painted Customs to see his mod’d trainers and definitely a trip to Theo In The Making, where Grant talks through the process of creating his first book, and shows stacks of ace storyboards, character illos and process pics!


Some of Grant’s creations


Initial sketch and final coloured panel for Theo