Dead Sea Mob flyer

The Night Shift Masquerade

Jon Raffe Posted by Jon Raffe23rd Aug 11

Dead Sea Mob flyer

With our trusty TC spyglass we’ve spotted a tasty new event on the horizon for all you low-brow arty landlubbers – The Night Shift Masquerade – brought ashore by The Dead Sea Mob! Who are these Dead Sea Mob folks then, I hear you ask. Well, in their own words…

“The Dead Sea Mob is a creative brotherhood brought together by little more than a good strong wind and bound by a shared affinity for the dark and arcane.”

The event, supported by the lovely folks at Posca, takes place on September 1st at the Green Door Store, Brighton and will feature live drawing from the very talented mobsters Godmachine, Tom J Newell, Drew Millward and Dan Mumford. But on top of that friend-of-TC Ollie Munden and Harriet ‘Harry Draws Pictures’ Seed will be joining the fun… what more could you want? Well… we have some inside scoop from Mr Munden himself…

“It’s possible that there might be some live screen printing at the event and we’re hoping that Phil Kyle’s tattoo studio Magnum Opus (Phil Kyle was in the TV series London Ink) are going to be doing a little pop up exhibition of flash art and maybe even have one of their artists drawing live on a rather attractive model.”

All-in-all, sounds like a boss night! Pop over to the Facebook event page for more info and to let them know if you’ll be attending!