Thinking Big: Murals and Installations

Ste Johnson Posted by Ste Johnson25th May 15


On Wednesday, 24th June, Yo Illo are hosting its first in a series of inspiring illustration talks. These free events offer illustrators a new way to meet people, learn from their peers and find inspiration.

The first Yo Illo Talk invites successful illustrators and Yo Illo members Kerry Lemon and Vic Lee to discuss their processes, inspirations and advice for creating large scale illustration work.

It’s a free entry and sure to be a great event to get down too if you’re in the area – Yo Illo was created to serve as a way to get illustrators away from their desks and into the real world to network with each other at meetups, events and shows.

For more info click here and thanks to Ms. Willa Gebbie for letting me know about the event. Ms. Gebbie and Mr. Rob Barrett organised it too.