Thunder Chunky Time Capsule 2017

This year has been difficult for many people, for many different reasons. Art can offer a bit of an escape from the world’s problems though, if only for a fleeting moment. So we decided to get in touch with the many talented artists who we’ve been lucky enough to connect to over the years, and asked them to pick out one image which stands out to them for 2017, and tell us why. Enjoy!

Pete Fowler - Carving

Pete Fowler — "I really enjoyed woodcarving this year and went turbo with it in the last few months, pushing what I could do with a lump of wood and a very sharp knife."

James Oconnell - Mr Porter

James Oconnell — "Since deciding to leave agency life after 10yrs and carve out my own path, this piece I created for Mr Porter felt quite right to share."

Davide Bonazzi - Comfort Zone

Davide Bonazzi — "I made this illustration for an article published on Brandeis Magazine, about how to step outside our comfort zone, rise to the challenge and build confidence. I choose this image because it well represents how my 2017 looked like. I faced many challenges in my personal and professional life, that made me grow up a lot."

Bill Mcconkey — "I'm not sure where or when I came up with this, but I hit upon the idea of rendering iconic Star Wars characters in the form of old mosaics. I did this Greedo and a Princess Leia portrait in the same style for #MayTheFourthBeWithYou day and they proved to be incredibly successful online. I'll be following these up with a calendar of images in this style in 2018."

Chris B Murray - Game of Thrones

Chris B. Murray — "So I just finished this Game of Thrones 'Winter is Here' LE poster in time for the holiday rush. And to be honest, it's probably my favorite poster created to date. I sketched each character individually then placed them accordingly... a process that's very different than my normal working methods."

Felt Mistress and Jonathan Edwards - Archipelagogo

Felt Mistress & Jonathan Edwards — "Working on our Archipelagogo exhibition took up most of our year. It was a tribute to the life, work and creativity of Tove Jansson and to have the blessing of Sophia Jansson, Tove’s niece, was a real honour. Thankfully they liked it too! Equally exciting was the bespoke 40 minute soundtrack for the exhibition created by Andy Votel."

Jack Hudson - Zegna

Jack Hudson — "This is a recent project where I worked with a small team of animators to produce a series of looped animations. The enjoyment here came from directing the animation, and seeing my illustrations come to life in such a short space of time but also after seeing the final outcome come together with a mixture of set design, photography, illustration and animation. Real good fun!"

Jamie Aspinall - Puzzles

Jamie Aspinall — "I really like the simplicity that stands for my love to geometric shapes and images that tells stories. I never was that simple!"

Ste Johnson - Pride and Prejudice

Ste Johnson — "Pride and Prejudice book cover, because it's a piece that I developed my skills on and came out quite well."

eBoy - New York colouring poster

eBoy — "The New York City Colouring Poster has been on our to-do list forever! So finally here it is. Leave it as is, or colour away!"

Andy Smith - Its Best At Sea

Andy Smith — "A screenprint made for the 'A sense of place' show at the Boz Boz Gallery in Brighton. Just two colours so nice and simple in its message and execution and a lot of fun to work on. A few copies are remaining at A Sense of Place with all profits going to charity."

Bob Staake — "I chose this scene from 'The Book Of Gold' that I did for Random House / Schwartz & Wade"

Gareth Conway - Under Sea

Gareth Conway — "The project I have chosen for this year is the first exhibition I've been involved with (so a very proud moment), which was at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter."

Robin Davey - Dear Europe

Robin Davey — "I'd like to submit a still from the shot I contributed to Dear Europe, a collaborative short film by animators in the US and UK. Released in March of this year following the shock victories for Brexit and Trump, the project hoped to encourage political participation among younger people particularly, and warn against the threat posed by hard right parties and candidates in 2017's elections around Europe. Beyond that, is was an enjoyable stylistic detour for me personally."

Al Heighton Gentleman

Al Heighton — "I did this for myself, thinking about the fact I turn 40 next year. The gent in the picture is clearly years older, but I was thinking about how an English gent should be dressing at a certain age. I was thinking about all the art direction I poured over in my teens in Mens fashion magazines and the kind of guy I aspired to be and dress like; plus the illustrator I wanted to be having digested them. I guess this picture more than any made me reflect about the creative I am and perhaps where I'm at, as corny as that sounds."

Tado - Hello Kitty

TADO — "Earlier in the year we got the opportunity to make another super fun stop motion animation stuffed full of sparkles, rainbows and magic for our friends at Sanrio / Hello Kitty! It was a blast!"

Yuta Onoda - Jetstar

Yuta Onoda — "The article for this piece was about the secrets of longevity in Okinawa, Japan and the AD gave me so much freedom for this assignment."

Steve Purcell - Popeye

Steve Purcell — "As a kid I received a Popeye Jack-in-the-Box for Christmas, before I even knew who the character was, so it was a pleasure to see my painting of the toothless brawler on the cover of an IDW Popeye reprint comic only half a century later."

Linzie Hunter

Linzie Hunter — "This year I got to grips with working in Procreate on the iPad Pro and collaborated with Apple to help promote their #TodayAtApple sessions on instagram."

Kevin Tong - Collisions

Kevin Tong — "Collisions was a great challenge for me in terms of design, illustration, and printing all at once."

Wijtze Valkema - Play

Wijtze Valkema — "This is my poster PLAY for RoomFifty's limited edition print webshop, featuring work by 50 great artists. I made this poster with the work of IJM in mind, who are fighting poverty, sex traffic and slavery worldwide and wanted to make something that captures how important it is being able to play. My proceeds will be donated to IJM and the poster is available here."

Paul Blow - Greenpeace

Paul Blow — "I did this piece for the German edition of Greenpeace Magazin about the melting ice caps and the rising sea levels - a simple brief with a simple solution."

Gav Strange - Born A Snake

Gav Strange — "This year I was over the moon to collaborate with someone I admire greatly - rapper & musician P.O.S! I made a music video for him, for his track 'Born A Snake'. I got to make something a little darker than usual, and I loved every second of it. I proudly produced, directed, designed & animated the film, so it was a really nice self-contained project.

But of course no project is a solo affair - I got to work with a brilliant model maker called Jimmy, a wonderful performer named Wendy, a fantastic camera op & DOP called Adam and an ace photographer named Dan. Working with friends to make something fun and strange and unexpected was a real highlight for me, a real honour!"

Sam Gilbey - movie montage

Sam Gilbey — "I’ve worked on lots of interesting things this year, but this private commission from the very start of 2017 can’t help but stand out, as it featured nearly 70 portraits of characters from 80s movies as the crowd and players from a Teen Wolf basketball game."

Megan Reddi — "This illustration sums up 2017 for me as it represents a new collaboration i've been part of this year. In the summer I was asked to join The Pretty Picture Club, an international collective and illustration studio. Being part of The Pretty Picture Club has been an amazing experience and working so closely with other illustrators has really helped me to develop my work and to push through some tricky creative blocks."

Ben The Illustrator - Girls Who Grind

Ben The Illustrator — "This year my wife Fi and her business partner launched a new all-female coffee roastery, Girls Who Grind Coffee, Fi conceived the brand and we worked together on more creative aspects than I have ever overseen across one project, from the logo development and brand application to figure illustrations and packaging design, all coming together succinctly, we're so proud of it and looking forward to a mammoth 2018 for Girls Who Grind Coffee and also for more branding projects for Fi and I to work on together!"

Tom Whalen - Alice

Tom Whalen — "Disney projects are always a blast, but this one was especially fun to dive into."

Chris Madden - We Travel So Far

Chris Madden — "My stand-out project for 2017 is ‘We Travel So Far’. It has always been a career goal of mine to illustrate a picture book and I am very happy with how my first one turned out. I am currently working on the follow up which I hope will be published in 2018."

Meomi - Toughlings

Meomi — "We designed a team of characters, the Toughlings, for the Floating Hospital for Children in Boston, and had fun illustrating giant wall murals, activity books, stickers, etc. This is our ‘warm and fuzzy’ project of the year, and we feel super grateful to the staff at Floating with how much they’ve embraced the characters to cheer kids up and on!"

Jon Burgerman - Great to Create

Jon Burgerman — "This book brings together the last 7 years or so of my evolving art practice and presents it as prompts for people to explore and be creatively inspired by."

Jordan Carter - Byron Burger

Jordan Carter — A stand out project for me was working on the Byron Burger drinks menu with &Smith. It is based off of a looser personal piece I finished last year and I would love to carry over some of the expressiveness into my work next year.

David Cousens — Transformers

David Cousens — "My entry to the 2017 Time Capsule is my group shot image for my 30 Days of Transformers Project, a 30-day drawing challenge where I illustrated prominent Transformers from the IDW comic 'More than meets the eye' every day for 30 days. MTMTE is written by the excellent James Roberts."

Craig Robinson - Allestodo

Craig Robinson — "I tend to draw differently depending on the program I'm using, and looking through my Instagram feed in the summer, I realised that the digital work I do (pixel, vector, Procreate, SketchUp) all look like they could be the work of different people. But they all feel like my work to me. So I tried combining some of these different techniques to see if they work together. I called the project Allestodo, combining the German and Spanish words for 'everything'. I've done over 80 of them now, and it feels like the future, my future anyway."

Scott Duffey - Good Life

Scott Duffey — "This was an amazing piece for Toucan Tango to work on for a few reasons. It was our first full poster run in our new home print studio which we have set up this year. It was also designed and printed for an amazing festival out in North Wales called The Good Life Experience which we immediately fell in love with. We are over the moon to be asked to come back and take part in it again next year.“

The Boy Fitz Hammond — "I wanted to celebrate the merits of wonky fruit and veg."

Richard May - Duel

Richard May — "I chose my Duel poster for Kino Klubb as it was a delight to work on a poster for a screening of my desert island movie."

Stephen Chan - Swapbots

Stephen Chan — "This project marks the beginning of my adventure back into the world of full time and a large step forward in my design career."

Van Orton - Empire Magazine Blade Runner cover

Van Orton — We chose this project, because it was a great honor to have created the cover of Empire and especially that of Balde Runner 2049. The most exciting moment was when Mr. Ryan Gosling himself used this visual for his avatar on twitter.

Adam Irwin - Biz Mark

Adam Irwin — "I've started experimenting with Character animation, so there was only one person I could animate - the BIZ MARK, BIZ MARK!"

Maria Picasso book cover

Maria Picassó i Piquer — "I really enjoyed doing this book cover because the theme really really suited my style, like a tailored suit!"

Rod Hunt — One of my favourite project this year was Doing Business in Trump’s America for Business of Fashion. It was a fun project examining how American fashion brands are grappling with the perils of a post-Trump reality and its impact on trade, manufacturing and immigration. For an extra bit of fun I included not only Trump but all his pals to find, can you spot them all?

Simon Whittaker — "The image I created as part of Jelly London/Bite the Ballot's #turnup social media campaign stands out to me. I was a bit late to the party and so I only had a very short amount of time to come up with an idea and get it made, but I really wanted to try and contribute as trying to get young people to vote is such an important issue. I was really pleased with how it turned out, and it was used in a couple of articles covering the campaign so that was really good to see. I've no idea if it had any effect on making young people sit up and think about getting involved in the election, but fingers crossed!"

Dave Oflanagan - Blade Runner 2049

Dave O'Flanagan — "I feel like I'm not learning or developing at a rate I'm happy with as an artist almost all the time so it was reassuring getting this Blade Runner 2049 piece done in a 10th of the time it usually takes me for a very urgent deadline."

Serge Seidlitz - Satan

Serge Seidlitz — Seeing as it’s Christmas and this project has just launched, I’ll pick the project that i’ve just finished and has gone live this week. it was the first short film I’ve done all the artwork for, while a team of animators made it move. It was ALOT of work in a short amount of time and a real challenge as I was sending new bits of artwork to the client, Anomoly, everyday for about 4 weeks. They managed to get Patrick Stewart to narrate - which was awesome as his voice puts the icing on the cake! I loved designing all the characters and drawing hell fire!

Mat Roff - PlayStation Access

Mat Roff — "Playstation Access’ EGX poster is not only this year's best project, but a career defining one for me. The reason for that is because I had wanted to work for them for about a year before they hired me and after coming across their Twitter fan page (which I create artwork for in my spare time) they offered me this commission off the back of that work. Seeing it up on the screens at the NEC in Birmingham at EGX filled me with such reassurance that I had made the right choice in becoming an illustrator after all."

Pintachan - Scholastic News

Pintachan — "I illustrated a series of 3 posters for Scholastic News that are intended to be hung in the classroom as a teaching aid. This one is titled ‘Make your writing more exciting’ and recreates the story of a spaceman and a robot."

Ileana Soon - Snow Falling on Cedars

Ileana Soon — "It was incredibly exciting to illustrate such a great story (award-winning modern classic 'Snow Falling on Cedars' no less). And on top of this, the assignment was also part of a whole collection of other amazing novels illustrated by great illustrators all over the world."

Brian Miller - Danner

Brian Miller — "The piece I was able to work on for Danner this year stands out to me because it reminds me how fortunate I am to be able to work on nostalgic outdoor scenes for clients I enjoy working with."

This year has been difficult for many people, for many different reasons. Art can offer a bit of an escape from the world’s problems though, if only for a fleeting moment. So we decided to get in touch with the many talented artists who we’ve been lucky enough to connect to over the years, and asked them to pick out one image which stands out to them for 2017, and tell us why. Enjoy!

And that’s it, that’s our collection of inspiring artwork to raise a smile at the end of 2017. Thanks for reading TC this year! If you liked this feature, please consider sharing it on your social networks – it’s pretty much the only way we grow the site. High-five!