Triple Hop exhibition

Jon Raffe Posted by Jon Raffe10th Oct 13


Illustration and beer, the key ingredients of many art exhibitions, but for this one the beer forms the theme of the exhibition itself! Organised by the folks at Column Arts and Test Space, the event has a simple idea at it’s core — 20 artists have decorated 20 different bottles of Honest Brew craft beer. There will also be a bunch of other artwork on show, celebrating the art of making beer.

The exhibition opens in London, on 24th October, and you can get all the info over on the Triple Hop event page.

Artist include: Alan Dalby // Alice Lickens // Aliyah Hussain // James Boast // MrHass // Peter Beatty // SAVWO // Tasha Whittle // Ferres // Suzko // SixOneSix // Pogger // Benjamin Murphy // StedHead // International Nobody // SPZero76 // Loch Ness // Kristyna Baczynski // Captain Kris

Below is a selection of some of the beer label artwork!