TTHP calendar & print giveaway

Jon Raffe Posted by Jon Raffe8th Jan 10


Happy 2010 to all you creative types out there! To bring in the new year Marc over at The Tree House Press has very kindly donated a hand-printed Year Of The Tiger calendar and 12 image prints to give away to some of you lucky folks! All you have to do to put your name is the hat is tweet us @thunderchunkyuk with a design+animal mashup, for example:

@thunderchunkyuk #tczoo my creature for the @TTHP_dot_org zoo is the Pantone Parrot!

We’ll pick winners on Wednesday 13th January, so get your entries in quick. Start your tweet by clicking here! Good luck folks!!


Additional pics of the calendar & prints!



Congrats to @matthewmella for his winning tweet! Here it is >

@thunderchunkyuk #tczoo my @TTHP_dot_org zoo creature is the Leading-Licking Gutter Tapir… lives in whitespace scavenging fallen titles

There were tons of great entries and it’s been tough to narrow them down, but here are our 12 runners-up!! >

@stevenbonner – Letterpress Lima
@lovecat19 – Kerning Kinkajou
@nealcoghlan – Wacom whale
@wobblybob31 – Gocco Gecko
@artinliverpool – Magenta Marmaset
@Designer023 – Color Halftone chameleon
@liambrazier – Apple MACaw
@bentopliss – kern-garoo
@SarahBibby – Live-Trace Lemming
@punkypickle – Pixel Platapus
@tegalad – Webular Walrus
@birdybot – Fauvism Fox

Thanks for all the great entries people, hopefully we’ll be back with another design competition soon!