Urban Paper Exhibition – Tokyo

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan18th Sep 09


During the last 2 weeks there has been a wonderful little exhibition happening at the inspiring Cafe Pause in Tokyo. Run by the writer Jean Snow, this little place holds regular Art and Design exhibitions, live events and talks. The latest destination for the Urban Paper Exhibition is this lovely place.

The exhibition features a load of Thunder Chunky’s favourites and friends, including Ben the Illustrator | Dolly Oblong | Josh McKible | Kenn Munk and Maarten Janssens. Finishing after this weekend, we advise people to fly over ‘right now’ and pay a visit.

“…Paper toys have been around for almost as long as paper itself, but what’s new is that paper toys have recently become a medium of choice for young designers. Because paper is cheap, light and recyclable it has become a populist alternative for artists who previously might have released their toys as collectible vinyl figures…”

The list of all artists showing work: Marshall Alexander, Christopher Bonnette, Matthew Hawkins, Ben the Illustrator, Jack Hankins, LouLou, Nick Knite, Josh McKible, Maarten Janssens, Dolly Oblong, Kenn Munk, Matthijs Kamstra, Jerom, Sjors Trimbach, Ringo Krumbiegel



Close Up – exhibition