Vintage Joy with The Red Dress

Mike Ng Posted by Mike Ng21st Dec 09


Calling all B-movie lovers and retro futurist sci-fans! We have some lovely art work for you here by The Red Dress. Olivia Chancellor and Ollie Bland are a husband and wife illustration duo working out of their London studio, pumping out vintage visuals which will make your heart throb with joy!

Throughout their 10 year career they have lovingly crafted their stylised imagery with oil, acrylic and digital media. This had led to a diverse client base in the fashion, motion and art worlds.

Personally the work reminds me of the glory days of reading exciting fiction books in primary / secondary school!

You can follow the Red Dress on twitter – @The_Red_Dress. Also, there’s Red Dress on Debut Art. And of course, there’s The Red Dress site


Red Dress work