What shall I wear today?

Jon Raffe Posted by Jon Raffe3rd Dec 09


I would say Fifi Lapin is the ultimate Diva in the world of character illustration. She is a sweet bunny with big silk ears, and doesn’t only have a strong interest in carrots, carrot cakes and carrot juices like ordinary bunnies do; she is also dressed in the most glamorous and elegant outfits, following the latest trends of fashion and updating her wardrobe every few days. Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Galiano, Topshop are just some of the distinguished brands and designers Fifi can be seen sporting!

She changes accessories and styles, and often travels abroad, making a big impression wherever she goes. Paris, Italy Egypt and New York are some of her favourite destinations to relax and of course, shop!

I suggest that you take a peek at her blog and participate in some of the great competitions that she posts! You can also purchase some of her sweet sweet drawings at Fifi’s Shop.

“..Fifi Lapin…the worlds most stylish bunny” Elle Magazine


A selection of Fifi fashion