Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan3rd Dec 09


Thunder Chunky proudly presents, all the way from the mystical land of Greece, shrouded in a cute but slightly sinister charm, the newest member to our Chunks of Thunder team, Wundercloud aka little Antri Katsiki.

With the stress and pressures of real work, running an up to date design blog like Thunder Chunky is no easy task. So with this in mind, we’ve always been on the look out for talented, and creative contributors which will compliment our existing group.

We feel that Antri will give TC a fresh new lift, giving us a more diverse selection of news from a completely different view point, in respects to her tastes and her female touch, which is lacking in the current group of TC males.

Its hard to even scrap the surface of her creativeness with my words. From graphic, to web, to toys and animation, you can get a feel for her charms and creative insights on the new Wundercloud website / Wundercloud blog, and you can follow her Wundercloud twitter. Hope this will whet your appetites, look forward to the new era of Thunder Chunky.

“..Andriana Katsiki is a Greek New Media Artist and Designer living in Liverpool. She loves daydreaming, creating imaginary worlds and meeting strange beings in the ocean of her mind. She believes there is beauty in everything and everyone, using her work as a path to reveal it to the world…”


Wundercloud – Plush Toy



Self Similar – Animated Idents