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A day in the eyes of
Steve Antony

Our ‘A day in the eyes’ feature isn’t just about invading your favourite illustrator’s homes, we also get to follow them around cool events. This weeks guest, children’s book author and illustrator Steve Antony take us to the Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts. A promotional tour for his children’s book, the wonderful and witty, The Queen’s Hat

steve antony 1

1. I snoozed.

steve antony 2

2. The night before, I was reading this.

steve antony 3

3. I’m doing an event today at the Hay Festival based on my book, ‘The Queen’s Hat’ (Hodder Children’s Books).

steve antony 4

4. The view outside my B&B just outside of Hay-on-Wye.

steve antony 5

5. I’m too on edge to eat, so I just have melon slices for breakfast.

steve antony 6

6. Back to my room to organise my things for the event.

steve antony 7

7. I say bye to my contemporary room.

steve antony 8

8. I hand in my Paul Thurlby key fob.

steve antony 9

9. I visit Hay-on-Wye.

steve antony 10

10. I visit a book store called Anywhere in the World.

steve antony 11

11. They have my book, so I stay and sign a few.

steve antony 12

12. It’s muddy and wet at the Hay Festival.

steve antony 13

13. I walk in and meet Fritha, from my publisher.

steve antony 14

14. She takes this photo of me.

steve antony 15

15. I enter the Green Room and pick this up. I try to act cool by not taking any photos of famous people.

steve antony 16

16. My venue is next to the BBC’s tent.

steve antony 17

17. I wander to a book signing tent.

steve antony 18

18. I listen to some music.

steve antony 19

19. I find a happy rose.

steve antony 20

20. I meet the Hay Festival co-ordinator, Mary Byrne.

steve antony 21

21. Starting to get very nervous.

steve antony 22

22. A VP of the Hay Festival and Chris Tarrant are sat next to me right now.

steve antony 23

23. I couldn’t take any photos of my event, but Fritha did. Here’s me with Daisy & Anwen.

steve antony 24

24. In the signing tent.

steve antony 25

25. Tagging along with James Campbell and Mark Weighton. I’m carrying their Boyface books.

steve antony 26

26. A quick snap of James Campbell’s hilarious stand-up show.

steve antony 27

27. I see these warriors in the Green Room. They’re with children’s fantasy writer, Kate O’hearn.

steve antony 28

28. It’s time to go. I head out.

steve antony 29

29. I get a crate of red wine.

steve antony 30

30. Goodbye, Hay Festival. It’s late now. I drive home. That was a fun day out.

A big thanks to Steve Antony for taking us on his book tour, be sure to follow more of his adventures on his twitter.


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  • Loved this little adventure of Steve’s! He such a talented man – and lots of fun! Loved the feet photos, especially! :)

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