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Track Down Some Colour print

For two days now, we’ve been lucky enough to be allowed to stalk Ben The Illustrator as he creates a new giclée print, all the way from initial sketch through to the final printed product. As we went along we’ve been posting up progress shots over on Twitter tagged with #TC_inprogress, but now the print is finished we’ve compiled it all in to one single post for you. Just click the link below to view images of the whole process. There’s also details on how to win the final print and also where you’ll be able to buy them!

If you’d like to win a copy of the brilliant ‘Track Down Some Colour’ A3 giclée print then all you have to do is count the number of animals that appear in the final piece of artwork! Just tweet your answer, starting with #TC_inprogress (you can see example of how to type your tweet here) and we’ll pick a winner at 13:00 tomorrow (BST Friday 26th).

And if you don’t win, then no stress, you’ll be able to buy one from the Wish You Were Here shop, along with 9 other new Ben The Illustrator prints, from Monday (29th June) onwards!

Step #1: Ben started by doing a pencil sketch

Step #2: He then started adding some vector lines and blocks of colour

Step #3: The vector outlines started taking shape

Step #4: Based on some suggestions from Twitter followers, Ben started sketching some animals to drop into the landscape

Step #5: The vector outlined image was finished! Then it was lunch time – ham sandwiches!

Step #6: Then it was time to get the Twitter folk involved again. Two different colourways were put forward and the public voted for the green option

Step #7: Then the public had to decide on either normally coloured animals or kooky coloured animals.

Step #8: The piece was nearly complete now. it just needed the animals adding and a few extra layers of details

Step #9: The artwork was completed and shown to the Twitter followers!

Time to print it!

Here comes the A3 giclée beauty!

Here you can see how well the details such as the animals came out…

…more of the details!

And here it is, the awesome final print, well worth the effort!

And there you have, that was how the print got completed! Like we mentioned before, send a tweet and you could win the print, or you can buy it from Monday! Details at the top of this article.

Big thanks again to Ben and Fi for the time they put in and allowing us to document them for a day and a half! You can check out more of Ben’s work over on his site. And of course, you can follow us both on Twitter… @thunderchunkyuk and @BenAndFi


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  • Amazing work, great to see the process.

  • Very nice! It was good fun watching it all unfold via twitter. Did Ben go for the Haribo + Vodka combo in the end?

  • of course I did, it was a great suggestion!

  • it was really fun following you throughout the day Ben and You guys here at Thunderchunky have presented it all beautifully. Really lovely image! Bravo

  • Joy

    Looks great!

    What type of printer do you use?

  • Hi Joy!

    We have an Epson R2400 Stylus Photo Printer, which we’ve been using for our giclee prints for about three years now, it’s a wonderful machine, once you learn the best ways to use it, the quality is fantastic. It prints up to A3+ size, so perfect for art prints. For paper we use Epson Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper, which is awesome, colours come out lush. We’ve been hunting for a more eco paper, but as yet there’s nothing of the same standard.

  • Looks Great!

    What program do you use to create such masterpieces?

  • Fantastic…great stuff…

  • Hey Doug!

    I use Adobe Illustrator, with my trusty Wacom tablet, couldn’t survive without the two!

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