Fraggle Rock

Fraggle Rock art contest

Jon Raffe Posted by Jon Raffe13th Jul 12

Fraggle Rock

It’s no secret that we here at TC are massive fans of the work that Jim Henson and his talented team did over the years, and Fraggle Rock is no exception. And who would have thought it’s approaching 30 years old!!

To mark the occasion The Jim Henson Company is inviting artists to submit artwork inspired by the Fraggle world. The winner will get a bunch of cool stuff, including a tour of the Jim Henson Studios and an invite to the 30th birthday party… what more could you want?? There more info over on the Talent House site.

And whilst on the topic of Jim Henson, I stumbled on this awesome video of him explaining (in some detail) how to make muppets! Don Sahlin looks the business: