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A day in the eyes of Pete Fowler

Third up in our series of through-the-keyhole-style artist photo journals is the man behind @themonsterist, the one and only Pete Fowler. You’ll have seen... Read interview

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Inspiration - Rami Niemi’s Mondo magic

Rami Niemi’s Mondo magic

I seem to be mentioning Mondo a lot recently, but this is a different Mondo. I’ve long been a fan of Sweden-based illustrator Rami Niemi, whose site is chock-full of absolutely brilliant stuff. And I particularly love this series of editorial illustrations done for Swedish travel magazine Mondo. - Read article

Pictoplasma Character Selfies

Pictoplasma Character Selfies

Pictoplasma festival kicks off in Berlin at the end of this month, and they’re running a superb Character Selfies collaborative project to coincide with...

The fine line details of Ms. Abi Daker

The fine line details of Ms. Abi Daker

The ability to add personality and depth into the creation of maps and illustrations of building is a wonderful gift Ms. Abi Daker possesses....

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THE BOY FITZ HAMMOND bigs up Crayolas

THE BOY FITZ HAMMOND bigs up Crayolas

The Boy Fitz Hammond is a professional doodler who specialises in quirky and witty illustration. His finely-honed skills have been jumped on by clients...

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Weirdink brings doodles from Greece

Weirdink brings doodles from Greece

Georgios Xanthos! A talented illustrator from sunny Greece. His work is full of colors and weird creatures that enjoy life. We totally love his...

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